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Serving the Essex County and Surrounding areas.

At Radical Mechanical, we deliver prompt, honest and reliable service, taking special pride in our prompt 24/7 response to emergencies. We’re fully insured and licensed with the Technical Safety Standards Association (TSSA) as a contractor for gaseous fuels. Some companies charge unreasonable rates for furnace repair and installation because they know you must have a working furnace. We don’t operate that way at Radical Mechanical. We believe everyone should be able to afford furnace repair or replacement.


Radical Mechanical checks for any malfunctions in the furnace and heating system that can cause breakdowns in summer time and in the process gives you peace of mind.

Central Air Units

Radical Mechanical Air Conditioning services all makes and models of central air conditioning systems. We provide exceptional customer service, expertly completed air conditioner repairs and installations.

Boiler installation and repair

Radical Mechanical is a full service boiler company ready to provide all the industrial and commercial support you need.

  • Block Vents

    " If you happen to notice there is black soot in the pipe or the white pipe has turned black even maybe a weird odor this is a sign of a problem with the furnace and you should call a licensed technician."

  • Efficient Furnace Units

    " We also install 95% Aflue high efficiency boilers. "

  • Looking for a new Furnace

    " Check out Rheem's new 360 platform furnaces from one of our latest installs. This is the R96v 2 stage variable speed 96% furnace. They are tiny but yet powerful.."

Regular Maintenance extends the life of your heating / cooling

Everyone should have there furnace inspected no matter what the age is on a yearly if not bi-yearly basis. You cannot always believe your CO (carbon monoxide) detectors are reliable. I just removed this one today from a house. CO is a silent deadly killer. If you look closely you may see my worker out the other side. You can never emphasize enough about safety.

Efficient Furnace

Looking for a new furnace. Check out Rheem's new 360 platform furnaces from one of our latest installs.

Boilers Installation

We also install 95% Aflue high efficiency boilers. Our units not only will heat your whole house but it also will provide you with limitless domestic hot water.

Air Conditioning

We have great deals on furnace and air replacements. With a new furnace you will also get a piece of mind, and not have to worry about a costly repair bill.

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